Program microcontrollers,
in any language

Singularity SDK enables you to program microcontrollers in any language and use hundreds of Arduino libraries out of the box.

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Developer Experience

For long embedded hardware development was very painful. Not anymore!

Reuse Arduino Libs

Use hundreds of Arduino libraries out of the box. Making code reuse as easy as possible.

Any Language

Use any language to program your microcontrollers. Initially, we'll support Python, Rust, C and C++.

Batteries included.

Singularity SDK comes with an amazing set of tools, libraries, helpful documentation, code samples, and guides that enables you to create firmware quickly.
Hassle free!

Native speed.

We won't ask you to run your Python or Rust source code on that tiny microcontroller of yours. We compile them and give you a hex file that you can burn on your uC. Convenience and performance!

Faster time to market.

Premade libraries, detailed guides, code samples, ease of use and an amazing developer experience helps you ship products faster to the market.

Multiple microcontrollers.

Currently, we support microcontrollers from Microchip's ATMEGA series, ESPRESSIF's ESP32 and ESP8266 and STM32's F1 series. We'll bring support for other microcontrollers soon.


3 steps to get started:

    1. Write your program.

    2. Compile it using Singularity.

    3. Flash your program to uC.

Helpful compiler errors make it easy to debug your program.

We need your support!

We decided to build this SDK out of the pain we felt while writing
programs for numerous microcontrollers. We thought there gotta be a better way.
Unfortunately, there wasn't any. That is when we decided to build Singularity :)

We have already built a prototype, though it isn't ready to ship yet. We would like to know
whether Singularity is something you are interested in or not. If you like our effort, please
consider signing up for the Beta Program 👍, we'll notify you when we are ready to launch and
you would be among the first people to test it out 😎

Also, consider spreading a word about Singularity in your network, maybe somebody else finds it useful!

No spam, pinky promise. 🤞

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